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Pursuing beauty is a woman’s nature. We would commit ourselves to designing and manufacturing of popular and fashionable eyelashes.


LAC Cosmetics is the one brand of GMEYELASH. Since our founding in 2012, we haven’t aimed to be the best in everything: just in False Lashes.
As a China-based manufacturer and distributor of professional Lash supplies, we has developed over 2000 different lash available, 3d Mink Lash, Faux Mink Lash, 3d Silk Lash, Human Hair Lash, Magnetic Eyelash& Eyeliner, Magic Eyeliner, Individual Lash, Russia Lash, Pre-Made Lash, Y-Lashes and W-Lashes and over 100 different Color Lash.

Through a continuous reliance on savoir-faire, quality and creativity, we have driven the company to the top position of the beauty industry’s manufacturers of False Lash.
In 2012, we began to provide not only lash supplies, but also OEM &ODM service and business-building tools to aid its customers. With the addition of expert tips and advice, how to build brand, a packing for lash, industry news and more.

Mink Lashes Manufacturer

Our products are not only sold in domestic market but distributed to over 70 countries internationally as well. We offer wholesale discount pricing to all customers who wish to become a distributor for GMEYELASH.
As a strong independent beauty partner, we aim at satisfying any client at both local and international levels, wherever in the world, across all categories from prestige to mass market, retail, e-commerce, professional, direct sales or niche brands.
Our customers’ success is our greatest reward. We are honored to cultivate longstanding, strategic partnerships with customers through truly bespoke service.
GMEYELAS is your one stop manufacturer for thousands of Lashes supplies.


25mm 3D Mink Lashes


We started to engage in False Lashes’ trading, retail and wholesale.

25mm Lashes Vendor


We built a 1000 sf of warehouse in Qingdao, which is called the City of Eyelash because she produces about 70% of the world’s False Lash every year.


We invested in a False Lashes factory. We became one stop manufacturer from Design to Sales.

3D Silk Lashes


We officially launch our new logo. We start selling online, through

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